'Zerem Plus' offers a variety of integrated monitoring solutions in form of command and control systems based on cellular, wired and wireless platforms.

'Zerem Plus' is a company located in Kibbutz Mizra - Israel. Since its foundation 15 years ago the company has gained rich experience working on dozens of successful projects. The company deals on a daily basis with installation and reparation of electrical infrastructures of all kinds and specializes in installation of sophisticated command and control systems which provide customers an easy monitoring abilities of their systems and/or facilities used in the industrial, agricultural or private sphere. Due to its many successful projects, 'Zerem Plus' holds a very high reputation as an operator in the fields of command and control systems, electrical infrastructures and maintenance. The company employs professional, experienced and reliable workers. We at 'Zerem Plus' promise to provide our customers with professional, fast and quality work for a fair price. Please contact us to set a free consultation meeting. Call-052-7950225 / 6.

Command and control Systems in Agriculture:

We at 'Zerem Plus' understand the necessity of agriculturists to monitor their systems, therefore we created a sophisticated command and control system which allows agriculturists to keep track and monitor their systems or remote sites without leaving home. Our main goal is to provide our customers the ultimate control on the site or system being monitored. Based on a variety of variables and data flowing, the customer can get a real time indication of what is happening in the monitored site/system.

Command and control Systems in Industry:

In the industry sphere, 'Zerem Plus' provides a reliable command and control systems which offers real time monitoring of systems essential to the production process. The monitoring system indicate by alerts any exceptional value which may cause failures to the production process, it thus opens the opportunity to fix any failure before it may cause damage to the production process.

Special "tailor made" command and control systems:

'Zerem Plus' is also specializes in building "tailor made" command and control systems which are due to costumer demands. This category is very diverse and includes projects such as security and surveillance systems to prevent thefts in remote installations, systems for regulating the operation of water heaters, gas stoves and more.

'Zerem Plus' project management services includes the following:


We begin with initial meeting with the customer. Based on this meeting, 'Zerem Plus' Representatives will identify the problems that are to be addressed and will outline the professional needs of the project with consideration of its particular characteristics. General goals will be defined as well as proposed technological solutions in order to meet them.


This step includes building a working plan which includes professional details, schedules and budget estimates. At the end of this stage, the customer will receive a bid which includes detailed technical proposal, procurement plan (with recommendation for the most suitable equipment and suppliers) and estimated timetable for the project.


In this stage we go down to business of what we do best - the real work. When the project is complete to the satisfaction of the customer, we will dedicate a certain period of time, that will be agreed upon with the customer, to test the outcomes of our work, we want to be 100% sure that all our goals were met.

** The schedule and costs estimates may change during the work on the project. Such changes if they are necessary, will be in full coordination with the customer.


In the conclusion stage of all of our projects we perform comprehensive checks to ensure that there are no significant deviations from the initial work plan and that our work's quality is to customer satisfaction.